My Grandmother Nettie Sachs Was Murdered In a 1923 Hudson.

This Is Her True Story.

Dr Robert HurstThe Heartless Murder of Nettie Sachs
And The Survival Of Her American Dream

Dr. Robert V. V. Hurst

The adventurous short life of a rebellious teenage bride who escapes to America from Tsarist Lithuania. Her new freedoms and impetuous personality empower her to challenge social constraints for a unique life experiencing in 25 years what most do not in a lifetime. Using her sensuality and intelligence, her life in America played out against a backdrop of the roaring 20s, bootleg liquor, ragtime music and speakeasies. Nettie became in her mind, and in reality, a true American blazing an unchartered path that few women in 1900 would ever attempt.

February 14, 1923, Valentine’s Day.

A stiff north wind blows across Lake Michigan; the temperature drops to 5 degrees. Roads are slick and icy from freezing rain and snow. Nettie Sachs, 37 year old mother of 6 children is riding in the back seat of a 1923 Hudson, a gift she bought for her fifth husband on their third wedding anniversary. Traveling from Gary Indiana to East Chicago, it suddenly feels like a rear chain is off a tire. Ordered to stop, William her chauffer pulls over, gets out and walks to the back of the car. Suddenly, gunshots ring out from inside the Hudson. He rushes up to the passenger side where he sees Nettie inside. She’s been shot three times once in the eye and two times in the stomach. Nettie dies at 12:30 pm February 15, 1923. She was 37 years old. She lived only 25 years in America.

Who Killed Nettie Sachs and Why ? This Is Her True Story...

Nettie Sachs Book and Flash Drive

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Voice of the Author, Dr Robert V.V. Hurst, Nettie's Grandson.

Who was Nettie Sachs and why did Dr Hurst write the story of her heartless murder?

Mariampole, Lithuania The market square. Nettie is 11 years old.

Mob attack. "Kill the Jews". Nettie escapes.

Room Service. Trapped! A harrowing escape.

Nettie buys a new 1923 seven passenger Hudson Automobile for $2,270.

Dr Hurst's relentless quest for the true story of his grandmother Nettie's Murder and introduction of "Birth Order".

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Life's Fingerprint. Your Birth Order

Birth Order Book and Flash DriveHow Birth Order Affects Your Path Through Life

Dr. Robert V. V. Hurst

How the order you were born in your family influences your future path in life. Your career, successes, failures, loves, family, and nearly every personal decision.

Harvard graduate and an Orthodontist for over 50 years treating several generations of children, Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst has written the definitive book revealing the secrets of Double Birth Order.

For the first time anywhere, the concept of Double Birth Order, the Rosetta Stone of understanding every birth order and why the order of your birth is truly your Life's Fingerprint. Printed or Audio Book narrated by the author.

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